10 best receipts scanners neat receipt scanner, neatdesk desktop scanner

10 best receipts scanners neat receipt scanner, neatdesk desktop scanner
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Searching for some best scanner for receipts? Here we listed down some best receipt scanners for you. Even we describe why we recommended Fujitsu scansnap ix500 receipt scanners. and don’t forget to check receipts scanners comparison and buyer’s guide.

 Introduction of best Scanner for receipts

Best receipts scanners are very much essential in nowadays.  People who are thinking of going for a paperless they can use this receipts scanners.  Receipt scanners are a type of document scanner that is very easy to use.You require scanners for receipts that might have the capacity to deal with every one of your reports, receipts and different papers you wish to digitize.

What will you do you will buy a receipt scanner or not? If you take my recommendation then I will say that if you want for paperless then you can select this receipts scanner or rather you can buy this receipts scanner for you. So throughout this post, we will discuss the top receipts scanners of 2018  which will help you to buy a  receipts scanners for you.

 To avoid a poor selection of products, you must consider the recommendations from the professionals who have tested it. Besides user reviews, the best receipts scanners are also tried for conversion effectiveness, output wattage, and protection from fault when used.

Best receipts scanner comparison table

Product name  Scanning speed Ratings

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500

25 double-sided pages per minute 9.7

Epson WorkForce ES-500W

 50-page  per minute 9.6

Brother DS-620 Mobile Color Page Scanner

8ppm 9.8
Canon CanoScan LiDE220 letter-sized document in approx 10 seconds 9.5

Doxie Go se

 8 seconds at up to 600 dpi. 9.4

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i

 12 double-sided pages per minute 9.3

Vupoint ST470

documents 8.5″ wide and up to 125″ long in as little as 2 seconds 9.1

Fujitsu fi-6130Z

80 images per minute in Color 9.2

Brother DS-720D

Single-sided materials at up to 8 ppm and double-sided materials at up to 5 ppm 9.0

Avision IS25 Portable Scanner

200 full color pages on a single charge 8.9

10 Best Receipt scanners 2018

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 – Our favorite scanner for receipts

  Guides you through every step of the scanning process – The ScanSnap iX500 is the scanner that intuitively guides you through every step of the scanning process, and lets you access your documents anywhere and anytime.

 Offers duel sided scanning –  It offers duel sided scanning and an programmed feeder framework. That implies you can simply take a major stack of receipts and let the machine do everything for you.

The iX500 comes with a built-in, dual-core ‘GI’ image processing engine that takes Scan-snap to the next performance level. It offers the paper feeding performance of expensive high-speed, high-volume devices, enhanced through USB 3.0 support, at a price that won’t break your office budget.

Helps in preparing to file your taxes – The ScanSnap receipt program not only scan the receipts as well as it use OCR to extract the greater part of the information on the receipts into a CSV record. This can truly help with preparing to file your taxes and simply monitoring your expenses, whether individual or business.

Accuracy is great – The accuracy of the OCR is another purpose of praise, a factor that can be extremely vital when scanning receipts to sort out and track your finances.


  • Scans quickly, and smoothly.
  • The software it comes with makes sorting scanned documents very easy.
  • Offers duel sided scanning.


  • on the expensive side.

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Epson WorkForce ES-500W

Wirelessly scan documents to a PC-  The workforce ES-500W duplex document scanner cuts down on clutter. It wirelessly scan documents to a PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or online storage account.   

Its good with both PC and Mac PCs-  This scanner is good with both PC and Mac PCs. It allows you to effortlessly interface with dropbox, SharePoint, Google Drive, Evernote, and more. 

   Unfortunately, you can’t scan directly to these locations. You should first sweep the document or receipt and then click to send the examined record on to one of these services. It’s not an huge cost but it is one extra little step that it would nice to eliminate.

Gives wirelessly scan  to smartphone,tablet – You can wirelessly scan  to your smartphone, tablet or computer with this scanner epson workforce es-500w as it has a facility to scan wirelessly  buyers will get great facility. 

Warranty –  As its a trustable brand  you can trust on their product it gives limited period of warranty. So you does not have to think about the durability of epson workforce es-500w scanner.



  • Trustable brand.
  • Price is reasonable.
  • Versatile product.


  • None.

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Brother DS-620 Mobile Color Page Scanner – Best in budget receipt scanner

Its powerful scanner – The brother ds mobile 620 scanner is just 11.5 inches long and the weight of this scanner is under 1 pound is perfect for the mobile professional who needs a powerful scanner that will slide right into a briefcase or business bag.  

Ideal for capturing business documents – It’s ideal for capturing business documents, as well as receipts, business cards, laminated identification cards, invoices, photographs, and more.

 Small size usb is valuable suite of scanning software – This small size, USB power, and valuable suite of scanning software make it a great fit for home offices and desks with limited space, too!

Ability to scan and export contact information – This scanner can scan and export contact information from business cards directly to Microsoft outlook and other contact management system.

Fast can speeds up to 8ppm – It has a fast scan speeds up to 8ppm in color and black/white which is really great and every should buy this receipt scanner. 


  • Super portable.
  • Software is built amazingly.
  • Its hardware is great, scanner which will automatically pull through your paper to lock in place before scan is initiated.
  • Can scan in multiple documents one right after the other without pushing any buttons.


  • None.

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Canon CanoScan LiDE220 

Has auto scan mode – This receipt scanner has a auto scan mode which has automatically adjusts settings by detecting what you are scanning.

Excellent resolution – This scanner  has a excellent resolution 4800 x 4800 dpi maximum optical color resolution, 48-bit color depth with over 281 trillion possible colors and 19,200 x 19,200 (Interpolated) software enhanced scans.

Scan speed indicates time – This scan speed indicates  the time measured between pressing the scan button of the scanner driver and the on-screen status display turns off. 

Warranty – This canoscan lide220 provides one year warranty so this scammer gives durability to the buyers who are spending their money to buy this scanner.

The LIDE 220 is a stylish, ultra-compact, and very efficient scanner from canon, who, as you know, are incredibly reputable within the photography industries.


  • Provides one year warranty.
  • Has automatic scan mode. 
  • It has EZ buttons for enhanced user-friendliness.

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Doxie Go

Small and portable – This scanner is really small and it’s easily portable. It’s about the same size as a rolled up magazine. You can put it away in a drawer when not being used or tuck it in your pack and take it with you when you travel.

Scan up to 400 pages per charge – It can scan up to 400 pages per charge, store up to 4,000 pages before needing to sync. So i think this small scanner can consume charge for pretty long time.

 Scan anywhere  no computer required Doxie is a portable scanner that scans paper, photos, and receipts anywhere no computer required. Just charge it up and turn it on, wherever you are  insert your documents to scan, archive, and share.

    Doxie integrates award winning ABBYY OCR technology that recognizes the text in your documents and creates searchable PDFs

Has compact single button operation – The best part of the Doxie experience is the compact single-button operation. Just load your paper into the tray and scan.


  • Easy setup, simple to use, scans are quick and good resolution.
  • Easy to use software
  • Easy to setup wifi
  • Small size
  • Long battery life


  • Can only hold 8 documents or receipts at once.

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Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i:-

 Makes various excellent IT product- It is a Japanese product. Japanese company Fujitsu has been leading the route for quite a long time in making various excellent IT product. What make this scanner special is the amount it can simplify your life. Scanning receipts can be a task yet this scanner makes it simple.

Helps in preparing to file your taxes –  The ScanSnap Receipt program examines the receipts as well as use OCR to extract all of the data on the receipts into a CSV record. This can truly help with preparing to file your taxes and simply monitoring your expenses, whether individual or business.

Takes less than a minute to be ready once you plug –  It takes less than a minute to be ready once you plug it in to my computer’s USB ports. It may be the most reliable electronic product that you have purchased in years.

Works with both Pc and  Mac – This scanner works with both PC and Mac. You can likewise scan to the cloud utilizing services like dropbox and Evernote. Or on the other hand you can utilize the ScanSnap application on your cell phone, tablet, or Kindle.


  • Relatively small, lightweight, and portable.
  • Works with both Pc and Mac. 
  • Connects to cloud services


  • None.

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Vupoint ST470:-

   BONUS OCR SOFTWARE  – It comes with optical character recognition editing software, allowing you to convert scanned documents into text editable and searchable files.

Particularly decent for portability – You’ll at last get a higher resolution and overall better quality when it is docked yet there are times when utilizing the magic wand may be more convenient. It’s particularly decent for portability.

save your scans as PDFs or JPEGs  – This scanner truly keeps things straightforward and only lets you save your scans as PDFs or JPEGs. It features OCR function, however, so your PDFs will be searchable and editable.

High-speed sensor scans paper automatically-  The high-speed sensor scans paper automatically using its auto-feed feature while the scanner charges, providing more quality, control, and ease of use, and an increased resolution of 1200 dpi. 


  •  MicroSD card for storage.
  • It has a great carrying case.
  • Relatively affordable.


  • OCR software is not compatible with Macs.

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Fujitsu fi-6130Z

It is a Japanese product. Japanese company Fujitsu has been leading the route for quite a long time in making various excellent IT product.

This scanner has a intelligent multi-feed function for efficiently scanning overlapped documents like taped receipts .

Light and delicate looking scanner – The light and delicate looking scanner is light on weight and easy on space and budget as well which makes this scanner different from the other scanner.   

Has scanning speed up to 80 images per minute – The scanner can performs well as it has a scanning speeds of up to 80 images per minute  in Color, Grayscale, and Black & White.  

Delivers outstanding images – It delivers outstanding images resolution with high quality graphics and advanced power separation features. 

Warranty – This scanner provides 1 year warranty directly from Fujitsu. So this scanner provides durability to the buyer. 

It  provides high accuracy  in scanning which makes less mistakes its OCR and bar code recognition. 



  • It has a advanced paper handling technolgy.  
  • Has scanning speed up to 80 images per minute.


  •  None.

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Brother DS-720D 

Pretty handy scanner – The Brother DSMobile 720D Scanner, at just under 11.5” long and weighing just over 1 lb., is perfect for the mobile professional who needs a powerful scanner that will slide right into a briefcase or business bag. 

Good with QuickBooks and Quicken – If you utilize QuickBooks, you’ll be joyful to realize that this receipt management software is completely good with QuickBooks and Quicken. You can send out the majority of your receipt information to these services seamlessly.

Warranty – It offer a one-year limited warranty on the DS-720D and stand behind your purchase with phone support for the life of your product. Whether you have a product question or a technical issue, Brother is always at your side. 

   Simple to scan multiple page document – It is simple to scan a multi-page document, you just keep feeding pages until you cancel additional scanning, and Acrobat puts all scanned pages into one document.  

It doesn’t have a battery but need to be powered by means of USB cable. It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.



Best receipts scanners


  • Small and lightweight.
  • It can easily scan documents or photos. 
  • Provides one year warranty


  • None.

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Avision IS25 Portable Scanner

Portable and versatile scanner – The Avision IS25 is a portable and versatile scanner designed to meet a variety of your scanning tasks.

The scanner offers flexibility to start instant scans as long as paper is inserted without a computer.  

Can be used without a computer  The best part about this scanner is that it used without a computer.  The photo quality is very good considering the size of this scanner.        

    Warranty – This scanner provides 1 year warranty directly from Avision IS25 So this scanner provides durability to the buyer.

The scanner has an optical resolution of 600 dpi and will scan color at 48bits and gray at 16bits. 

Best receipts scanners


  • The photo quality of this scanner is great. 
  • Provides one year warranty.


  • This scanner is not so much stylist. 

What are the facilities of buying a receipts scanner?

Now a days people are following digital items and it is good. Digital photos and documents are easier to store. People will be very much helpful with this receipt scanner in storing photos and in storing documents in a digital way or in a digital process.

Buyers guide of receipt scanners

There are few things which you have to notice before selecting a quality receipts scanner for you:-


The quickness and clarity at which a report scanner replicates paper records is its main property, but not generally the most important one. So long as a scanner can plainly recreate documents, more things are possible with the computerized documents. Clients should consider the nature of the scanner’s equipment before getting into what that scanner can do on the product end; generally, the computerized duplicates are basically pointless.


Different record designs have distinctive functionalities. People should search for scanners that can export scanned documents in the files they utilize, for example, Excel, PDF, or extra programming devices. Basic scanners will just recreate records as pictures, but advanced gadgets will send out in these and numerous different organizations.


Software programming included with singular scanners are the essential methods for interfacing one has with their scanned reports. Great programs are adaptable and as often as possible refreshed to give the most utility to people with a ton of documents to oversee. In the event that a scanner’s friend programming is of a sufficiently solid quality, one will never need to swing to various other outsider projects for help.


So here we give the features of 10 best receipts scanners of 2018  which will help the buyer to  select a quality receipts scanners  for their work to solve any purpose. So it’s time to take decision you should read all the review carefully before buying the receipts scanners  for your work. If you are satisfied with this receipts scanners  you can recommend it to your friends and relatives.

Thanks for reading this post .

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