10 best motorcycle GPS or best adventure motorcycle gps for Biker’s

10 best motorcycle GPS or best adventure motorcycle gps for Biker’s
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Motorcycle gps always guides a biker to ride on a right track. If you want to go for  adventure with bike then buy best adventure motorcycle gps or best gps for adventure riding.  Gps will also help you when you are in off road so you can try best off road motorcycle gps

Introduction of  best motorcycle gps

If you have a good GPS on your bike it will help you in street tracking if you are fond of going to long excursions on your bike then have a motorcycle gps for you. 

A bike GPS is a system that helps you to find out all essential information when you are on the road. It has been designed to give you data while you are in, streets, highways, traffic jams, difficult terrain, and shortcut options to get to destinations.

With it comes to exploring the open street, a bike GPS is a biker’s best companion. With one of these helpful gadgets, you will always know exactly where you are and where you are going—and you can track everywhere you’ve been.

In this article, we’re looking at the best bike navigators on the market in 2018 and deciding which is the model you should be buying.

Comparison table of Motorcycle gps



Product name  Screen size  Our Ratings

Garmin DriveSmart

7 inch 9.7
Garmin nüvi 2597lmt  5 inch  9.8
 Garmin Nuvi 2699  6 inch 9.6
 Cardo scala rider  5 inch 9.5
Garmin Zumo 660LM GPS motorcycle navigator 4.3 inch 9.4
Tomtom rider motorcycle gps 4.3 inch 9.3
TomTom Rider 400 gps 4.6 inch 9.2
Garmin Zumo 390LM 4.3 inch 9.1
BMW motorrad navigator 5 inch 9.0
Garmin Zumo 590LM 5 inch 8.9


Garmin DriveSmart

Provides driver alerts –  Garmin Drivesmart GPS navigator provides driver alerts to encourage safer driving and increase situational awareness. This driver alerts will increased awareness, including upcoming sharp curves, school zones, speed changes and more.

Smartphone notification – It has a customizable smart notifications let you display calls, texts and other app alerts on your navigation screen.

Offers convenient voice-activated navigation – Garmin DriveSmart offers you the option of convenient voice-activated navigation which will allow your hands to remain safely on the wheel as you navigate and make or receive calls. 

Guides you like a friend – It will guide you on the road or off the road like a friend it will help you to using recognizable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights. 

Has detailed maps of north america with free lifetime maps – Garmin Drivesmart has a 7.0-inch GPS navigator with pinch-to-zoom display. It has a detailed maps of North America with free lifetime map updates and lifetime traffic. 

Garmin DriveSmart


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Touch screen is responsive.
  • Voice recognition is awesome!
  • Screen is easy to see in all light conditions.

Final words for Garmin DriveSmart-

Garmin drivesmart has  driver alerts to encourage safer driving. Its voice activated navigation will allow your hands to remain safely on the wheel while you receive calls and it will guide you like a friend. So its a complete  motorcycle gps for bikers which will provide everything to the buyers. 

Garmin nüvi 2597lmt – (Editors choice)

Keeps your driving map onscreen – Garmin nüvi 2557LMT keeps your driving map onscreen at all times and additional information appears alongside. If you want to know the  details you can simply touch the screen. It will inform you of nearby services, including restaurants, fuel stations, hospitals and stores.

Capable of providing multiple destination routes-  The Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT GPS system is capable of providing multiple destination routes, including routes with multiple points of interest, user-defined waypoints or both.

Has 5 inch touch screen display – Its touch screen interface size is 5 inch has  with white backlight and manual dual-orientation display which will really help you to view every details on the screen. 

Provides real directions with real voice – Garmin nüvi 2557LMT real directions with real voice guide you like a friend and  it is  compatible with bluetooth.

Has detailed maps of North America with free lifetime updates – This product has detailed maps of North America with free lifetime updates (U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Bahamas).

Garmin nüvi 2597lmt


  • It has detailed maps of North America with free lifetime updates.
  • It is capable of providing multiple destination routes.
  • Garmin nüvi 2557LMT will easily connect with your smartphone and share the data plan.


Final words for Garmin nüvi 2557LMT- 

The Nuvi 2597LMT is a well-rounded addition to the advanced series. The Nuvi 2597LMT GPS system will help you avoid traffic problems, give you a hands-free navigation experience and make it easy for you to follow clear directions to reach your destination safely. 

Watch the video of Garmin nüvi 2557LMT

Garmin Nuvi 2699-

Has bright 6 inch high resolution display – Garmin nüvi 2699 has a bright 6-inch high resolution display with pinch-to-zoom capability, so you can quickly get a closer look at any onscreen information.

Has voice activated navigation – This motorcycle gps has voice activated navigation which allows you to keep your hands on the wheel. 

Has free lifetime traffic avoidance – Garmin nüvi 2699 has free lifetime traffic avoidance feature that makes you reach your destination faster than you think.

Has smartphone links to provide live weather radar  It has smartphone links to load important information from your mobile device directly to your gps system to provide live weather radar and many more features. 

Warranty – Garmin nüvi 2699 provides one years warranty to the buyers from the date of original purchase.

If you want complete navigation solution you can add the bc 30 wireless backup camera.

Garmin Nuvi 2699


  • Large 6 inch display.
  • Has great voice control.
  • Provides one year warranty. 

Final words for Garmin nüvi 2699:-

 It has bluetooth connection,voice activation,traffic alerts and loaded with maps to reach your destination on time. Garmin nuvi 2699 provides one years of warranty to the buyers. All this features makes it a really great.  

Cardo scala rider-

Easy to use – The scala rider freecom  2 bluetooth communication system is easy to use and fits virtually all helmet types and designed for riders who tour as a couple or travel alone.

Its  both waterproof and dustproof –   This reliable device is both waterproof and dustproof  making it suitable for riding in all weather condition.

  Equipped with large 40mm diameter headphones – It is equipped with large 40mm diameter headphones, and an advanced music processor which provides clear sound.

Won 5 star award from top motorcycle website – Its  a standout product because it garnered a 5-star award from the world’s top motorcycle website.

Has mobile phone conference mode- You can absolutely talk to people from different angles: from a fellow rider, from your passenger and an outside caller, on your mobile phone.

Warranty –  Cardo scala rider provides one years warranty to the buyers from the date of original purchase.

Cardo scala rider


  •  Both waterproof and dustproof
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use.

Final words for  Cardo scala rider

The scala rider freecom  2 bluetooth communication system is easy to use and fits virtually all helmet. Its waterproof and dustproof  making it suitable for riding in all weather condition.  So its a quality motorcycle gps which you can buy for you.

Tomtom rider motorcycle gps :-

Gives freedom to choose your own route – The TomTom RIDER doesn’t just show you where to go it gives you the freedom to choose your own way. 

Has sunlight visibility – Tomtom rider motorcycle gps has sunlight visibility which makes it easier to see your navigation, even in the harshest sunlight.

Solid build with excellent mapping and routing – It has a solid build with excellent mapping and routing software with a reasonable price. 

Has a 4.3-inch touch screen – The Tomtom rider has a 4.3-inch touch screen and weighs 1.35 lbs which helps the buyer  to have a wide view at gps screen.

Battery duration of 4-6 hours – You can plan your route with the device or even plan a thrill as it has  winding route with software available.  It has an average battery duration of 4-6 hours.

Tomtom rider motorcycle gps




  • Excellent visibility when used in sunlight.
  • Excellent route quality.
  • Hands-free calling when paired with your mobile phone.


Final words for Tomtom rider motorcycle gps

If you are looking for a Gps navigator for your motorcycle then Tomtom rider motorcycle gps will be ideal choice for you.  It allow you to use the touch screen with your gloves on it is weatherproof and easy to use.  It gives you freedom to choose your own route.

TomTom Rider 400 gps-

Provides most exciting winding roads – You can find the most exciting winding roads and avoid the boring straights with this Tomtom navigation device designed for motorcycle. 

Helps to ride with real time traffic – You can always ride with real-time traffic information for the lifetime of your device which will really help you to travel anywhere.

Has round trip planning – You can discover new routes by simply tapping the area you want to explore.

Fully waterproof  unit with 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen – The fully waterproof unit has a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen that allows swiping and pinch-to-zoom even when wearing gloves. 

Provides 6 hour battery charge – Tomtom rider 400 gps gives 6 hours battery life on a single charge which every buyer looks for. 

The compact, weatherproof frame fits snugly and easily into the RAM mounting kit, which fits virtually every motorcycle. 

TomTom Rider 400 gps


  • Significantly cheaper than most other models.
  • User friendly display and intuitive user interface.
  • Provides 6 hour battery charge.

Final words for TomTom Rider 400 gps –

Tomtom rider 400 gps has fully waterproof unit with 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen. The Rider 400 is a smart, well-built device that delivers a simple user experience. So without having any hesitation in your mind you can go for tomtom rider 400 gps.


Buyers guide of best motorcycle gps

You should prefer the screen size:- 

You should always prefer big screen to notice your motorcycle gps which will help you to watch in gps.

Screen clarity:-

You should always prefer a screen clarity which will be visible in all types of weather like in a sunny weather, or in a rainy day.

Bluetooth connectivity:-

You should always try to connect your motorcycle gps with wireless bluetooth.

  • You should always try to process speed quickly your GPS unit calculates routes.
  • You should also notice at the price and the quality of the motorcycle gps.

We tried our best to provide you the the list of best product list,…

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