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Cooking is your passion, dream and maybe need it can be anything but it is mandatory for all. We all need food and we all used to cook food for ourselves and for others too. But despite all these things cooking is also very challenging. When we have less time or more no. of peoples or you are organizing any party or anything else cooking in a restaurant-style seems headache and actually it is. We have to face lots of problems while cooking and seriously it is not easy to cook the food in a proper way. But this problem is now solved by the flat top grill. It helps you to cook food very nicely. It saves your time and money both. You do need to pay a huge amount in hotels you can cook the same meal with the same taste and look at home. It saves you time too. Now you can prepare food for anyone very quickly with the help of these flat top grill. It makes your work so easy. Despite this, it is also very difficult to choose the right thing for you. We also come with this solution. Here we reviewed 5 best flat top grill which are the complete solution of your problem. You do not need to go anywhere we explained each and everything about these top flat grills. You can choose the right one for your self. Now. You can easily follow your passion. These flat-top grills are inspired by traditional cooking methods but with the help of technology. There look design feature pros cons everything is mentioned in detail. Here is the review of the top 5 best flat top grill:

Best Flat Top Grill 2020

Black Stone Flat Top Gas Grill review

This Black Stone Flat Top Gas grill gives a classy look to your kitchen and food. It increase the flavour, texture, and quality of your food it makes your food delicious and healthy. This is the right choice for those who wants to give a royal look to his/her kitchen and wants to cook delicious food. This black stone 36 inches flat top gas grill which cooks your food perfectly without any burning issue and no burning smell. The best part about this black stone flat top gas grill is it can cook different varaities of food at the same time. It cooks food in very less oil and it also has feature of storing extra oil from the food items. Its top part gets hot equally from all sides and cook the perfect meal for you weather it is egg or meat. Lets discuss more about its features:


This Black Stone Flat Top Gas grill gives you lots of options and features you can adjust it according to your need. You can easily estimate its size. It can cook very large amount of food in short interval of time so it is also helpful in parties you do not need to order food from outside. It will save your money too. Its top part is not only spacious but it is actually designed to remove more oil from food. Which is the best thing about this. It comes with 4 different temperature settings so you can set the temperature according to your meal. It is fast and effective it gets heated quickly.


This the right to change your old gas grill with the Black Stone Flat Top Gas grill. Its design and look is awesome and it is perfect for outdoor parties. It is safe and easy to carry as it is portable. You can place it inside your kitchen or outside you can move it where you want and where it is needed very easily because it comes with wheels and you can lock them when you want to lock them. It is manufactured from stainless steel which helps to keep away rust from grill. Its burners works on gas so places the gas tank on the left bottom.


The best thing about this Black Stone Flat Top Gas grill is its maintenance is very easy. Its installation is very easy and comfortable as compare to other grills. It was designed so nicely so that you can move it easily at different places. It does not require any extra cleaning process if it is cleaned timely after every use. It does not take more time within 2 or 3 minutes you can clean it.

              PROS                     CONS
It is manufactured by stainless steel which keeps way rust from it in an open atmosphere also.It must be cleaned after every use.
It comes with four different temperature settings.The height of the top of grill may be not compatible for all.
Its flat top cooking area is 36 inches wide so that you can cook different meals at the same time. 
Foldable design and easy to use. 
It cooks food in very less oil which keeps you healthy. 

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill Review

Now, it very easy to cook large amount food very easily at home with the help of this CAMP CHEF FLAT TOP GRILL. Its large surface area helps you to cook different varaities of food at a time and helps you too cook efficiently and comfortably. You can prepare so many dishes for example pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausages, and hash and many more. Its four burners evenly gives the heat to the grill so that your meal can cook evenly 


It looks like a commercial grill its design is quite similar with the grill you have seen on the restaurants. Its design is not so much good but its efficiency and performance is great. Flat top 475 size is good choice for family. It can cook whole meal in enough time. Its size is 468 square inch.  And it comes with three burners it is suitable for all families weather small or big it can feed you in short time. This Flat Top 475 is ultra-versatile and great choice for cooking dinner, lunch, breakfast and outdoor parties. Flat Top 600 is good for your buisniss need. It is 600 square inch large and comes with four burners.   


It is famous for its capacity and performance. As it is available in three different sizes so you can select the best for you. Flat Top 475, Flat Top 600 and Flat Top 900. Capacity and performance is different for all. As in Flat Top 475 its capacity is 468 square inch and it comes with 3 burners. Flat Top 600 comes with capacity of 600 square inch and four burners. Flat Top 900 is comes with really high capacity which is 877 square inch. Which is really very high. It comes with 6 burners and you can cook large amount of food at a time. All have different capacities and performance.    


It comes with quick interchange between flat top grill which is of size 20.5*31. Its griddle surface is very large as compare to other griddles it is of size 604 square feet. 4 stainless steel burners which comes with matchless ignition. It also includes two large folding shelves.

                   PROS                         CONS
It is manufactured by cast-iron grill and griddle.You need to clean it regularly it is slight issue.
It helps you to cook fantastic food.Quite expansive.
It comes with large cooking area so you can cook many dishes at the same time. 
You can quickly interchange from grill to griddle. 
It comes with wheels so you can move it easily. 
It is very easy to install this. 

Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Review

If you love to cook food in restaurant style or you love to eat food from hotels then this is the best solution for you. You do not need to go outside or not need to waste more money in hotels you can your meal at home. This BLACKSTONE 28 INCH OUTDOOR FLAT TOP GASS GRILL comes with bottom shelf and two side shelves where you can store your food or needed stuff. It is easier to use and more than that easy to install. It has an additional feature of battery powered push button. With the push of this button your griddle is ready to cook food. Now your parties are no more headache for you. You can enjoy them with delicious food. It comes with four wheels so you can move it easily where you want to take it. Its length is also adjustable you can adjust it according to your need. It is manufactured by good material stainless steel burners and powder coated black steel frame gives it great look. You are cooking for your family or you are organising a party this griddle helps you to cook all kind of food. It looks and design is awesome its black stone colour gives it a royal look.It comes with lots of features. Let me share few of them:


It comes with four adjustable heat zones which increases its versatility. You can different food with different temperature. It cooks your food without any burn and burning smell. You can adjust its heat settings according to your need. It also keep your food warm when you are cooking something else.


It helps you to cook restaurant style food at home. It can cook many things and it is famous for its barbecues and hamburgers. It keeps the test and texture of your food. It helps to make what you imagined exactly.


You just need to press a button and it started heating. It heated up so quickly and cook your meal. It heats up evenly and cook your meal with fine consistency. It does not burn your meal and also keeps away the tangy smell of burning.


It comes with 4 industrial-strength wheels which will help you a lot. You can move it very easily weather outside your house or inside your house. It helps in cleaning and outdoor parties.

                  PROS                 CONS
Food does not stick on the griddle. Its black powder presence makes it non sticky. Which also makes cleaning easy.Its greasy griddle makes your cooking messy so you need to put more efforts in cleaning.
It is foldable and comes with two wheels so you can move it easily.It does not produce smoky taste so if you like smoky taste then you will quite disappointed with this.
It will not produce any smoke.It is not for buisniss purpose.
It is durable and long lasting in performance. 
It is very easy to assemble it. 

Royal Gourmet GB4000 Top Propane Gas Grill Review

This Royal Gourmet gas grill is the complete package of your all cooking related problems. It fits on all kind of uses like parties, family and restaurant. It gives a royal look to your food. It keeps the texture and maintain the quality of your food. It absorb less oil while cooking. It makes your food oil free and healthy. No can prepare anything without deep fry. Its colour and design is very awesome you can put it anywhere it look cool. You can prepare lots of dishes at the same time it provides you a very large area for cooking. And extra place for storing food or needed stuff in the bottom shelves. It is perfect for all tall or short heighted people as it comes with adjustable legs. It comes with lots of features. For example:


Its burners are made of stainless steel and can controlled independently. Its cooking power is 13, 000 BTUs each and total power is 52, 000 BTUs. It heats up very fast which helps you a lot to cook fast. Its powerful heating system increase its performance and save your time and money.


It provides you a large cooking area. Its size is 36.2*21.7. its total cooking area is 784 square feet. Its griddle is coated with gloss ceramic which gives it a fine look and helps to clean it fast. It is non-stick and keeps away burning smell of food.


It starts very quickly it comes with durable stainless steel control panel with high electronic ignition system. It gives heat when you push the button. It is fast and effective.


It is very easy to install this it can be installed within 45 minutes. You can easily install this with the help of instruction guide. Its grease management system save your efforts of cleaning. It require very less time in cleaning.

It also comes with 4 wheels with break system which ensure the when you wants to move thisyou can easily move or when you want to apply break you can. It is very helpful for all. Anyone can easily operate this. Its ceramic coating on griddle protect it from oxidization it helps to maintain the quality and efficiency of griddle. It also gives you storage space in the bottom shelves which helps to store needed things. It comes with one year warranty.

                  PROS                 CONS
It gives you very large surface area to cook different food at the same time.It does not come with any packaging cover which quite disappoint us.
Its button does not need efforts to push you can easily press it.Clogging issue may arise.
It is manufactured by stainless steel which provides it super durability.It is expansive.
Four burners and heat setting gives you an option to set four temperature at a time. 
It is easy in clean and easy to assemble. 

Blackstone Grills Tailgater Gas Grill Review

If you are outdoorsman who used cook food and eat than this is the best thing for you. This black stone grills helps you to solve your problems related cooking. There are so many types of grills some of them are used to cook food in backyard and few of them are used to cook food outside. But this BLACKSTONE GRILLS TAILGATER GAS GRILL is used to cook food every where. It is perfect from all aspects. Lets discuss some highlighted features of this BLACKSTONE GRILLS TAILGATER GAS GRILL


  It is perfect to cook food anywhere according to your wish it completes all your desire. You can enjoy its different combinations in grill box and griddle. It comes with 2 burners. The grill box on top is connected with open burner and can be replaced by range style cooking. It also provides you a flat top griddle which is efficiently used for cooking purpose. It can also be replaced by range style cooking for example with pots and pans etc.


BLACKSTONE GRILLS TAILGATER GAS GRILL is a brand of quality. Its frame is manufactured by powder coated steel which keeps away rust from it. It comes with lot of welds which is used to cover it when you are not using it. It helps to maintain the exposure of the elements. Its grill box is made by strong material and grilled made by cold rolled steel. For your safety a grease tray comes with it which can be easily removed when it is needed.


This BLACKSTONE GRILLS TAILGATER GAS GRILL is very easy to use. It comes with adjustable legs which are easily adjusted with in seconds. It is easy to pack it up. It comes with transport beg so you can easily take it away anywhere. Lower part of legs are adjustable at different height.


It is manufactured by stain less steel which makes it strong and its grease plates also helps to make non sticky. Its durability helps it to stay long. It is perfect and specially design for its longetivity.

It also comes with dual cooking surface. Its large multi cooking purpose makes it versatile. Its both left and right side offers 16*16  inch cooking surface. Its total cooking area is 512 inches. You can cook awesome food in the grill box at 500 plus temperature. 

              PROS               CONS
It is multitasking it can do several works at a time.No any alert system which gives you alert before any damage.
Easy to move anywhere with very less efforts.Propane tank did not come with this grill.
It comes with adjustable legs which makes it more good for everyone.Quite pricy not affordable by everyone.
Quick power supply and response time. 
Easy to operate and easy to clean. 

Best Flat Top Grill – Buyer’s Guide

Before coming to any decision you should no what is right and what is wrong. Before investing your money you must need to know some common requirements of flat top grill. For buying a good flat top grill you should know all this. We are going to tell you some common points which you need to know and check before buying any product.


The first and foremost thing is its size. You need to know which is the best size according to your need which fulfil your requirement. Its size should be appropriate for small and daily use it should be minimum 24 square inch and if you need it for parties than it should be 36 square inch. So before buying any flat grill just keep this in mind


Whatever material is used in flat grill you should have proper knowledge about it should not be so pricy. You can easily operate with it. So you should also need to focus toward this.


It is also a crucial part of grill you must have knowledge of this also. No. of burners are according to size and need. It should be free from rust. It should be long lasting. And it must produce minimum 12, 000 BTU per hour it can be more or less according to your need. Burners should be capable in providing heat with equal consistency. As the rating of BTU is higher burner is as more-good. So just follow this guideline.


It should not like traditional flat grill which is completely headache in cleaning. So it must be easy or effort less when it comes to cleaning. It surface is must made by good quality material which makes it non sticky. So food will not stuck with the surface and it will more easier to clean. And its maintenance should be easy and price less.


The thickness of cooking plate should be good and it is made by stainless steel or may be by cast iron. In restaurants they use .75 thick plate. So also keep this in mind.

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Conclusion –

This is all which I want to share with you. I experienced and search about all the mentioned best flat top grill. I shared my experience so that you will not suffer and invest your time and money at right time and right place. Flat Top Grill comes your dream true. Keep following your passion your dream and enjoy tasty and delicious food save time with these best flat top grill.






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