10 best cordless circular saw with comparison and cutting test

10 best cordless circular saw with comparison and cutting test
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Always search for a cordless circular saw which is portable it can be mini cordless circular saw as its easy to carry. Buyers should always look for cordless circular saw with battery as without a battery it will not run. cordless hand saw and cordless compact circular saw are also useful.

Introduction of best cordless circular saw

Circular saws are a fundamental piece of every handyman’s toolbox.   If you’re an handy man, or in the construction and renovation business, then you know that a good circular saw is essential. But finding a good cordless circular saw can be difficult when you consider all the options available on the market. A good circular saw should have good autonomy good battery etc.

Circular saws are popular, as they’re easy to use, affordable, practical, and shockingly flexible in their cutting capacities.

If you are having a little project then you can have a cordless hand saw  for you as cordless hand saw is pretty great for small project. 

In this article we have given 10 best cordless circular saw which will help the buyer to select the best one  for them. I think those who are smart customer they will select the best one after having a close eye in our table which is given below in a heading comparison table. Where we compare every cordless circular saw with their different features and different price which will help every buyer who wants quality and the other within a budget. In this table you can watch that we think about each and every buyer for ex- buyers who have money in the pocket and buyer who has less money but still wants cordless circular saw for their job.

Comparison table of Cordless circular saw



Product Name  RPM Our Ratings
 DEWALT 18-Volt Cordless Circular Saw 3,700 RPM 9.8
 Hitachi 15 amp circular saw 6,000 RPM 9.7
Makita 5007MG Circular Saw 5,800 RPM 9.6  
Bosch CS5 Circular Saw 6,200 RPM 9.5
Ryobi 18 volt circular saw 4700 RPM 9.4
BLACK+DECKER 20 volt circular saw 5200 RPM 9.3
WORX Circular Saw 3500 RPM 9.2
Makita 12V circular saw 1,500 RPM 9.1
PORTER-CABLE 20V circular saw 4000 RPM 9.0

Ridgid Genuine OEM R8652 circular saw

4200 RPM 8.9

Buyers guide of cordless circular saw 

A standout amongst the most vital viewpoints to consider while choosing a cordless circular saw is the position of the cutting edge. The run of the mill plan of most models of circular saws is underscored by the incorporation of a cutting sharp edge on either side of the given saw. All the more in this way, a critical number of saws are more powerful in usefulness in that they give the client both alternatives of putting the cutting sharp edge on the proffered side.

However, a cordless saw that comes with a left sided blade is that the centre of gravity of the saw falls on the redundant side of the cut, thereby making the saw unbalanced. Worm drives tend to be heavier than sidewinders and typically provide more force as well.You should look or notice at the quality of the blade of the circular which is very necessary to find a quality circular saw.

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