Best 3D Pen or Best 3d Printing Pen 2021

best 3D pens

Best 3D Pen Of 2021

Ok are you in search of the best 3D pens out there then hopefully this article might help you a lot. So, here in this article, I will be mentioning some of the 3d pens that you could consider getting for your next craft project.

If you use these 3d pens you will come to realize that these devices are a lot more economical than the huge and expensive 3d printer its a lot more economical than using a receipt scanner.

3d pens are very similar to an ordinary pen but they will make your life different and it will work like a 3d handheld printer. It is a bloated version of the regular pen which has plastic instead of the conventional ink of using it. 

However, selecting one of the magic pens will be a very difficult task as various brands are available. I will say one thing that is a Wireless 3d pen can be very expensive.

The fact is this 3d printing pen is pretty much new innovation which does not help and it does not provide a lot of information for that. We have selected the 10 Best 3d pens 2021 which I think will really help you in selecting the best one for you as our expert has done lots of research before selecting a top cordless 3d pen for you.

best 3D pen review

Why You Should Trust Us?

Ok, this is a very leged question that needs to be answered you should trust first of all this is an in-depth review of the products and let me tell you one more thing that the products that are mentioned here are not just any random products I did proper research before selecting any of the product.

We selected each 3D Pens according to its pricing, build quality, user experience, and customer review over the internet. Below I mentioned the top 10 3D pens with the buying links so that you could read more on those products.

And don’t forget to read this full article as I have tried to write this as simple as I could with as many details as I could find on the surface web.

How We Picked

To clarify more I need to tell you how we picked our recommended list of products. Not as such a huge process it is very simple first of all we asked our friends and family to know if they use any so that we could get to test one and luckily we got one it’s a bit surprise for you all read the full article to know which is that product.

Ok, rest we did a bit of research over the internet and read the customer review on those products. Until we got satisfaction we googled a lot to know about those products.

We also took into consideration that is it child safe, is it easy to use, pricing of the product, and lastly the build quality as most of them are made from plastic but remember those are not just cheap plastics, the products that I mentioned here are made up of high-quality plastic.

best 3D pen

Best 3D Pen For Kids

This a very interesting section if anyone of you is looking for a 3D pen for your son/daughter or you want to gift it to a kid then you must know the best 3D pen for kids. So, no worries I am here to make your choice easier the product I will be recommending is MYNT3D Super 3D Pen this could be the best 3D pen for your kid. 

When talking about the pricing let me tell you that this is not expensive you could easily find this product on amazon and at the time while I am writing this article you could grab one at under $40 which is a steal deal.

Ok, I need to discuss the feature of this particular pen this is a slim and ergonomic designed pen that comes with one year of warranty. With the help of this 3D pen, you could now turn your normal drawings into 3D art. This super 3D pen is a perfect suit for kids and artists no matter their age.

To be honest this is the 3D printing pen that I really like because I have used it for quite a long period of time and I was literally amazed by the quality it delivers. I have also mentioned this same product below so read this full article and choose your best product. 

Best 3D Pen Buyers Guide

best 3D pen buyers guide

Here is the buying guide of the best 3D Pen that you must read for better decision making I will try to keep this section short and to the point so that I don’t waste much of your time. 

Now let me tell you, in short, some of the things that you need to keep in mind before selecting or buying a 3D Pen. If you are buying it online one thing you should check is the customer ratings and their experiences of using that particular product

Starting with the build quality you must check how it is built is made from cheap plastic, let me tell you that most of the products I mean the majority is made up of plastic but no worries they are made from high-quality plastic that will last you long. In short, the product that you are going to purchase must be durable. 

Then comes the pricing this is another most important thing to take into consideration first set your budget then go for the final call. 

When you finalize the price or the budget then you must keep an eye on the features it is providing such as the temperature, what kind of filaments it will be needed, and few more such kinds of stuff. 

Ok now if you are going to purchase a pen for your kind then you must make sure that it is safe for children there may be various risks involved but keep an eye on your child while he\she is playing with that pen. 


Best 3D Pens To Buy In 2021

Now let’s not waste any more time and dig into the more interesting part. Before starting let me tell you you must do a bit of research before purchasing one product which we did already to make your buying process simpler.

best 3D pen review

 MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen Review

  • MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen’s use FDM technology in any application varying from drafting and prototyping to spatial learning and three-dimensional sculpting. Whether you’re an engineer or an artist, the MYNT3D Pen will take your design projects to greater heights.
  • Ergonomic shape keeps the controls always within reach and lets you maneuver the pen in ways that would be impossible for a larger design.
  • If you don’t have a 3D printer, this is a fun crafting tool that will let you enter the magical world of plastic.  This pen is great!  It works very easily and intuitively and changes colors with no jam-ups.
  • You can use FDM (Fused deposition modeling) technology in any application varying from drafting and prototyping to spatial learning and three-dimensional sculpting. The pen is fun to play around with.  So you can select this 3d pens for you as it works very easily and intuitively, and changes colors with no jam-ups.

best 3D Printing Pen

Buy From Amazon


  • Power cord is USB and allows untethered work
  • Double tap for continuous extruding is nice.
  • It seems to be very well designed and manufactured.
  • Easy to use digital controls, filament advance/retract, speeds, temps, etc.


  • Not the cheapest.

MYNT3D Basic 3D Pen 

Easy to control – You can easily control the MYNT3D Basic 3D printing pen’s extrusion speed, temperature, filament; the most important thing is it is only 7.37 Ounces in weight compared to others in heavy design.

Advanced unclogging mechanisms technology prevents jammingMYNT3D Basic 3D printing pens have advanced unclogging mechanisms technology prevents jamming for easy maintenance.

Works like a hot glue gun The MYNT3D Basic 3D printer pen works kind of like a hot glue gun. The filament comes out of the pen-like how glue comes out of a hot glue gun.

It makes you watching your imagination come to life MYNT3D Basic 3D printing pen makes you watching your imagination come to life.

This 3d pen is suitable for both right- and left-handed use, the pen can be used to draw flatforms on paper that can be peeled off, or it can draw 3D objects in mid-air.

MYNT3D Basic 3D Pen 

Buy From Amazon


  •  It’s easy to hold and manipulate and the instructions are clear.
  • This 3d  printer pen is suitable for both right- and left-handed use.
  • This 3d  printer pen has more settings than your imagination.


  • No such cons found.

MYNT3D Junior2 3D Pen for Kids 

DESIGN OF INTELLIGENT STANDBY FUNCTION:  Junior2 3D Pen will automatically switch to standby mode in 5 minutes when you rest in operation or forget to turn off the power, the heating ring will stop working. 

Increases the chances of intimate contact between parents and kids   Junior2 3D Pen increases the chances of intimate contact between parents and kids, makes the distance with their children much closer, and makes the babies’ world much more colorful.  

This is not at all a pro device as the mane suggests that it’s a junior 3D pen with great features major is that this is child safe and operates at a low temperature with this now watch your little champ creating great arts. Another great thing about this product is that it comes with a one-year warranty when you purchase it. 

One thing you have to remember is that this is for kids and the price is also on the lower end so, you can’t expect a huge life of this product.

MYNT3D Junior2 3D Pen for Kids 

Buy From Amazon


  • This Printing Pen has been nice to have some design ideas.
  • Junior2 3D Pen Printing Pen has the function of regulating temperature. 
  • This Junior2 3D Printing Pen provides a comfortable grip.


  • This 3d pen is not long-lasting. 

3Doodler Review

Hardens rapidly allowing kids to literally draw in the air 3Doodler Start Mega Box Set 3D Printing Pen hardens rapidly allowing kids to literally draw in the air with only one speed and one temperature. This kid-safe 3D printing pen melts plastic that cools and hardens rapidly, allowing kids to literally draw in the air!  

Perfect for stem learning: As a tactile learning toy, the 3doodler start inspires creativity, design, planning, building, and spatial understanding.   

This 3d pen will enrich the imagination of the children which is very important in a 3d printing pen. So if you are searching for a 3d pens within your budget then you can select this  “3Doodler Start Mega Box Set 3D Printing Pen” for you.

3Doodler Pen

Buy From Amazon


  • This 3D Pens will enrich the imagination of the children which is very important in a 3d printing pen.
  • 3D Printing Pen Perfect for stem learning.
  • 3D Printing Pen makes 3D art easy.


  • Its filament is run out quickly. 

3Doodler pen Review

3d art made easy for all people  3Doodler Create 3D Pen is a great pen and even you are a good artist you will like this 3d pen. This 3d pen will make your art easy as it is very helpful and it will make your art easy and helpful for adults or for children.

Provides versatility  3Doodler offers the widest range of plastics, no mess, safe and non-toxic. It’s the only 3D Art tool with changeable nozzles and unique accessories. 

Change colors quickly and easily:-  The 3Doodler Create extrudes heated plastic, which instantly hardens, allowing you to literally draw in 3D, freehand or on paper. Change colors quickly and easily.

 Easy to use for any age  The pen is easy to use for any age and is easy enough that anyone of any age can enjoy the tool. The pen came with enough plastic strands to get you started and then some! 

3D Pen Review

Buy From Amazon


  • It has a slim body, making it easier to handle.
  • 3Doodler Create 3D Pen has 2 heat settings, for PLA & ABS plastics.
  • The included instructions are very clear. 


  • I have checked thoroughly still i did not find anything.

Scribbler 3D Pen Review

 Easy to use and provide the perfect amount of filament Scribbler 3-D Drawing Pen is lightweight, easy to manage, and lets you release the perfect amount of filament for precision crafting and art.  

Maintains unique speed control function Scribbler 3D Pen comes with a unique speed control function that allows you to adjust plastic filament output so you can get the finer details in your art projects.          

Embrace your creativity:  Scribbler 3D Pen has our art 3d pen is more than your average paintbrush, pencil, or watercolor. If you use these 3d pens then you can make great creative art that will provide you both satisfaction and happiness.

This 3d pen has some improved features which every people will like. It will allow you to create a strong and stable function. So if you are searching for a great 3d pen with many advanced features then you can select these 3d pens for you as it maintains advanced features that will catch your attention.

Scribbler 3D Pen

Buy From Amazon


  • Scribbler 3D Pen itself is quite sophisticated. 
  •  The Scribbler 3D Pen comes with a unique speed control function.
  • d Scribbler 3D Pen has a comfortable grip. You will feel good in your hand.


  •  The power adapter cable is rather short.

MYNT3D Super 3D Pen

Let’s elaborate on some of the specifications of  3D Printing Pen

Great tool for anyone interested in 3D modeling 3D printing pen MYNT3D Super is a great tool for anyone interested in 3D modeling. It is a great gift for any occasion! The only limitation of 3D drawing is your imagination!     

Provides continuous speed regulation:-   The product will automatically switch to standby mode in 5 minutes when you rest in operation or forget to turn off the power, the heating ring will stop working.  This 3d pen is suitable for children over the age of six years to an adult person.

3D printing pen MYNT3D Super is a  light product design that is conducive to control of the operation effectively prevents the use of hand fatigue for a long is easy to disassembly and convenient maintenance. 

3D Pen Review

Buy From Amazon


  • It provides great sales protection.
  • It provides an intelligent standby function. 


  • I have checked thoroughly still I did not find anything.

Best 3D Pen Accessories 

Ok, you bought your very first 3D pen but before operating, you will need some accessories to operate your device most of them are very cheap. For your convenience, I Listed the products that you could consider getting to fully utilize your pen.

3D Printing firstly you will be in a need of a 3D printing mat that you could get for less than $10 most of them are made from good quality silicone mats that will not ruin your floor. Now enjoy making 3D pieces of stuff with your kids at home. There are many other ones but you don’t need expensive ones for now.  

Next, most thing you will definitely need is the without which you cant use your 3D pen at all it’s the plastic filament the produ7ct I am linking for this is a great bundle of 24 color filaments that will mostly cover all of the colors that are available. It’s also affordable, so, kindly check the best 3D Pen Filament out there in the market. 

Now if you don’t want to purchase each product separately then you could consider getting an Ataraxia Art 3D Pen combo pack this is a full combo pack that contains each and everything that you will need in a long term to work on 3D projects to name some it contains a total of twenty-four color filaments, silicon mat.

Frequently Asked Question on The Best 3D Pen 

Ok, here in this section I will be discussing some of the most frequently asked questions that you may ask while you are purchasing one. So, hopefully, this will help you a lot read this small section for better understanding. 

Are 3D Pens Worth It?

There is surely no straight answer to this question to me when the question arises that are 3D pens worth you should consider it as per your needs if your work requires then you must invest in one such device. But also if you are an artist, engineer or if you want to gift it to a kit then also you could consider getting one.

How Much Does a Good 3D Pen Cost?

Oh, it’s a bit difficult question to answer as there are lots of products at different price ranges. I can’t give you the exact cost but you could easily find great quality 3D pens between $50 to $60 there are some exceptions that may occur and you could even get those at cheap prices during the time of sale majorly Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

You could also check out the short article on the 3d Pen Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale.

What Is The Best 3D pen On Amazon?

There are lots of products that are available on amazon but if you ask me, my suggestion would be to consider getting a pen from MYNT3D, SCRIB3D, or 3Doodler brands as they provide you with great quality results at a great price range. 

What Is the Cheapest 3D Pen?

You could easily find very cheap products out there from various stores but you should spend at least a good amount on it as you need to remember that safety is first. A 3D Pen works kind of similar to a hot glue gun so be safe. 

Where Can You Buy A 3D Pen?

The answer to this question is very simple you could easily find these kinds of pens on Amazon, Walmart. I mean in any kind of online marketplace and offline marketplace. 


So here we give the features of the best 3d pens 2021 which will help the buyer to select a quality 3d pen for their work to solve any purpose. So it’s time to make the decision you should read all the reviews carefully before buying the 3d pens for your work. I think you will not find the disadvantage of  3d pens.

I think you will be satisfied with our top ten choices and I am quite sure that you will not go to any other website as you will get the top 10 3d pens in this top 10 3d pens list. So, if you liked this article for what so ever reason then consider sharing this with your friends and family also don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

So, hopefully, you liked this article and if you did like it for whatsoever reason then don’t forget to share this with your friends and family, and also don’t forget to comment down your thoughts in the comment section below.

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